Foam Soap Dispensers and Refills

Classic Manual Enriched Foam Systems

  • Durable, easy to use and cost effective solutions.
  • Manual Dispenser with antimicrobial protection on dispensing lever inhibits the growth of bacteria and gives added protection.
  • Foam soap and hand rub cleanser from a bag-in-box refill.
  • 800ml refill = 2,000 hand washes.
  • 400ml refill = 1,000 hand washes.
  • 0.4 ml dose size.

Clean seat foam refill 400 ml

Enriched Foam Refills

Lotion Soap with Moisturisers.
Ideal for washroom applications.
- High quality, concentrated dense foam formula enriched with conditioners to soothe and soften the skin.

Free ‘n Clean.
Suitable for use in food handling and processing.
- Sensitive skin formulation ideal for frequent hand washing.

Soap, antibacterial.
Ideal for food preparation and handling environments and healthcare.
- High quality foaming soap helps to control the growth of microorganisms on the skin.

Hand Rub Cleanser.
Ideal hand rub where alcohol is not permitted.
- Alcohol-free hand rub helps to control the growth of microorganisms on the skin.

Foam Soap Dispenser

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